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We provide a comfortable atmosphere and have a very friendly staff that is here to serve your Childs� health needs. Call 596 4502 for an appointment.


Your contract with your insurance company requires you to pay your co-pay at the time of service. Failure to do so is considered a breach of contract between you and your insurance provider. Please be aware that we will not normally bill you for your co-pay and there is a $15.00 finance charge if we do. We gladly accept cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa. If your insurance company requires that you meet a deductible, we will collect for services in full until that deductible is met. We will also collect at time of service, any percentage which your insurance company tells us you must pay. This co-insurance amount can be a percentage of the allowed charge. When payment is received from insurance, we will discount any amount our contract requires. You may then owe a small amount or have a small credit at your next visit. If your family is covered by two insurances (i.e. both parents work and both have insurance), the second insurance often does not pay the portion which the first insurance makes due from you (for example co-pay or co-insurance). Our policy is to collect the lesser of the two insurance�s patient obligation at the time of service. Again, after both insurances have addressed the claims, you may owe a small amount or show a small credit. State law governs which insurance is primary and which is secondary, this is not a choice which you can make, nor one which we can make. Please check with both insurances if you are in doubt. You must disclose all insurances that covers your child(ren) at the time of service.

Be aware of your insurance coverage. Some insurances do not cover well child exams and immunizations, yet these services can be quite expensive. Feel free to discuss with us payment options and other options for immunizations if your coverage presents a problem. Currently, the practice accepts most insurances and is accepting new patients. Our practice is closed to new Medicaid patients and if your child is covered by this or expects to be in the future, you must let us know, even if Medicaid will be secondary.
If you receive a bill and have questions, please call our billing office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., M-F (596-6550). Please understand that it is your responsibility to know your insurance coverage. Call us as soon as your insurance information changes. If we don�t have current information, claims may be denied and you will be held responsible for payment. Only custodial parents will be entered as responsible parties for minors despite divorce decrees or judgements. As you can understand, we are unable to become involved with these sensitive issues. If your account is past due and is sent to collections, your children are terminated from the practice. We make every effort to contact you before resorting to collections; please keep us advised of new phone numbers or address changes.

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