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To Another Doctor Please sign a records release for outgoing records in our office.  We scan your child's chart to a CD and send them to the new physician free of charge as a professional courtesy.  Please allow four weeks for the entire process.
Processing fees & copying charges may apply for records released for any reason other than continuity care.


For Personal use  (this fee is for each child's chart)
Request for medical information of fewer than 10 pages will be provided at no charge. paes 11-20 will be $0.75 per page, then $.50 a page for pages 20 -?. Actual postage or shipping costs may also be charged. Charges for records scanned to a CD will be determined on a case by case basis.
* State of Colorado's Dept. of Health & Environment recommended fee schedule (6 CCR 1011-1, chapter II 52. 3.4)  will apply to all other releases ** 
As of September 1, 2009 all records will be scanned to a CD, no paper copies will be made for charts with more than 10 pages.


From Another Doctor Please sign a records release for incoming records in our office.  If we receive them before your child has an appointment, we will hold the records for up to a year.




We will hold records as active for 3 years with no visits.  After 3 years, they are placed in storage.  We can retrieve records from storage on a weekly basis.  Please remember to take your childs shot records with you when you leave the practice for any reason.

Click Here for a form to request the release of your medical records.

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